Walisson Developer

About Me

Hello! My name is Walisson, I am 26 years old and I am from Brazil. I have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past five years and I love it here!

In 2011 I started a computer programming course, that was when my passion for technology started. I started learning algorithms, databases, Java, C# and a little bit of Android.

After finishing the two years course, I started an internship in ASP.NET, also started going to my Software Engineer degree at Uni. In that same year I was able to work full-time as a software developer, which was awesome!

Since then, I have been focusing on specialising in Front-End Development. Most of my experiences were at consultancies, where it always had a fast pacing backlog and full of technical challenges.

My specialities are: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, transforming Low-Fidelity and High-Fidelity designs into beautiful pages. I also love working on Data Visualization from API's, bringing life to the application.

Lately, I have been really focusing on ReactJS and ultimately the MERN stack, I also cannot forget to mention that React Native is one of my top list items to master.

I am passionate about anything that looks visually aesthetic. From beatiful UI/UX, to modern cars and achitecture. In my free time I take my camera out and go for some photography walks, I like to observe cool characteristics in different scenarios. Also, 'innovation' is a word that makes me pretty excited as well!

Professional achievements that I am proud of:

  • When I was 17 years old, I made an Android app that had over 50.000 downloads on Play Store.
  • When I went to the Army compulsory service, I created an Android app that would help soldiers in their career. The app was hightly recognized and was extremely helpful for the army base. I started then to be part of the Digital Team at Army.
  • Working full-time in my first year at Uni. Usually, people get a full-time job only after finishing Uni.
  • Lead a small team of Front-End Developers in my second job opportunity.
  • Develop a software for a Mental Health company and seeing a completely manual workflow becoming an automated workflow, resulting in 4 times more productivity for the team, business efficiency (being able to track their workflow and measure improvements). Also, the project had straight positive impact on end-users life.
  • Develop a software that took a manual process into an automatic process, changing the workflow time to be completed from 6 weeks to be completed in 1 week, each time it was used.
  • Represent a company in multiple events all around Australia, improving interpersonal skills and managing to meet amazing people.
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